The SMDSS (Space Medicine Decision Support System) is a software program that allows long duration space missions to provide enhanced medical support and medical autonomy for astronauts. The SMDSS incorporates highly advanced and optimized algorithms that assist crewmembers in their health monitoring and medical diagnosis through the combination of two approaches: (a) Automated differential diagnosis algorithms and knowledge bases that use procedures similar to those used by physicians and medical professionals to diagnose a disease or medical condition; and (b) machine learning and model-based methods that extract information about the crewmembers’ health state that is often hidden in heterogeneous medical data (physiological and activity signals, different types of medical imagery, blood analysis and biomarkers, etc.).

The SMDSS will provide astronauts/crewmembers of long-duration human spaceflight missions with medical autonomy through a robust medical decision support system that allows advanced medical care in the absence of a physician and in the presence of long communication delays with the ground.