IntelliSOFD-x (Intelligent Satellite Operations Fault Diagnosis – XIPS) is a software prototype developed by GlobVision for early detection and isolation of anomalies in Xenon Ion Propulsion System (XIPS) thrusters of Anik F1 telecommunications satellite using telemetry data. The fault diagnosis methods integrated into the software were based on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and computational intelligence methods.

IntelliSOFD-x significantly reduced fault detection time compared to manual telemetry data inspections. Also, it identified precursor signatures of out-of-spec behaviour in XIPS thrusters that are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to detect using conventional fault detection techniques or via telemetry data inspection.

Moreover, IntelliSOFD-x provides post-fault analysis capabilities to satellite operators to gain deeper insight into the nature of the detected XIPS thruster anomalies for developing optimal recovery plans and reconfiguration strategies.