IntelliDAMTM was born of GlobVision’s extensive know-how in advanced data analytics combined with the dam management expertise of BC Hydro and Hydro Quebec, two major hydro-electric producers in Canada. The result is the only system on the market that can be used to evaluate most aspects of dam health, behavior and safety based exclusively on instrumentation data.

IntelliDAM makes it possible to manage dam monitoring data, be it from a concrete or embankment structure. Analysis and interpretation are facilitated by our unique modeling tools, thereby enabling behavior monitoring and health assessments that save time and increase safety.

IntelliDAM assists users, from inspectors and operators in control rooms to dam engineers and long-term planners, to increase their knowledge and understanding of the evolving relationships between various parameters. This in turn enables them to better understand the bigger picture, and to manage dams as complete systems. Through cutting-edge analysis capabilities and flexible modeling tools, IntelliDAM makes it easier to detect, quantify, investigate, and explain anomalies that may require immediate intervention. It also makes it possible to explain features of the data that otherwise may have been construed as anomalies.

The software allows equally easy and fully contextual visualization of sensor data for time scales ranging from real-time, single reading, to multiple years of historical data. This, and many advanced features, empower dam owners to extract and use vital information, and ultimately better understand the big picture dynamics of both concrete and embankment dams.