GlobVision’s IntelliBRIDGE is an end-to-end software application that addresses all of the steps involved in the analysis process, from data access, data management, data visualization and monitoring, to data analysis and modeling. The result is a comprehensive system for bridge safety data management, performance monitoring and analysis.

IntelliBRIDGE was adapted from the highly successful IntelliDAM software designed by GlobVision through extensive collaborations with industry, and currently in use both in Canada and abroad.

Critical information about bridge performance and safety is often hidden in multi-dimensional and highly correlated data, which the human brain cannot visualize and process (particularly beyond three dimensions). Also, the human brain cannot correlate a variable simultaneously to two or more other variables, especially when the relationships tend to be nonlinear in nature. That is why GlobVision believes it is better to let the data speak for itself, and why the IntelliDAM and IntelliBRIDGE products exist.

IntelliBRIDGE greatly simplifies accessing and storing data from multiple sources and formats and provides intuitive data visualization capabilities. The software rapidly becomes an essential tool for real-time monitoring and provides the basis for ensuring the health and safety of bridges. IntelliBRIDGE assists users to extract complex and detailed information hidden in the instrumentation data in order to enhance the performance of operations and decision-making, to ensure bridge safety. As a result, bridge owners/operators drastically reduce the time required to perform monitoring activities, thereby allowing a better utilization of available man-hours and skills to monitor complex structures.