GlobVision is recognized across multiple industries for its innovations in the areas of Data Mining (DM), Software Development, Machine Learning, Model-Based Design, Computational Intelligence (CI), and GIS. This broad range of capabilities provides GlobVision with a unique core of competencies applicable to the following complex problems.

Extraction of Complex Information from Data

When linear, statistical modelling techniques fall short in the task of extracting hidden knowledge from data, or when exact models are too difficult to adapt to different situations, GlobVision combines its expertise in DM and CI to provide unexpected and invariably rich and textured details not otherwise available.

Detection of Anomalies in Mission-Critical Systems

The tell-tale signs of future failures are often embedded in instrument readings long before the actual failure occurs. Unfortunately, those signatures cannot be understood because the models required to explain or predict them do not exist. GlobVision offers a powerful set of techniques to provide those explanations, and to predict a failure earlier than even the most knowledgeable operator could.

Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring (iSHM)

GlobVision develops a wide range of machine learning algorithms and data-driven methodologies for intelligent structural health monitoring based on instrumentation data.

Validation/Verification of Sensor Measurements

Modern systems are increasingly instrumented and complex. While allowing for more detailed monitoring, this also brings an overwhelming amount of data to sift through. Through the power of machine learning, GlobVision offers innovative ways to verify the fidelity of collected data and suggest replacement values (with confidence factors) for erroneous measurements.

Customized Software Development for Operational Environments

GlobVision’s multi-disciplinary team has demonstrated exceptional expertise in designing, developing and deploying complex, secure and reliable operational software to meet user and system requirements in an optimized manner. GlobVision’s capabilities encompass the full software design and development cycle, and include the design and implementation of advanced and proprietary analysis algorithms, the development of user-friendly graphical interfaces and system and system maintenance.

Space Mission Analysis, Design and Operations

GlobVision has utilized its experience and expertise in space mission analysis and design (SMAD) to develop generic software tools to support and automate the design of optimized space and ground segment configurations for space missions. GlobVision’s team has demonstrated exceptional optimization and design capabilities using in-house tools for the design and analysis of single-satellite and constellation missions. Our team uses advanced and proprietary algorithms, cost functions and performance measures to optimize the design parameters that go beyond the mission requirements to determine the most suitable space and ground segment configurations for a space mission, while minimizing the high level cost of the mission and accounting for spacecraft subsystem designs.

GlobVision also has extensive experience designing and developing major operational software for satellite missions and satellite operator groups, including Mission Planning Systems (MPSs), satellite simulators (software-in-the-loop, processor-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop) and high-fidelity space situational awareness tools.

Some of what is said about us...

GlobVision is clearly interested in building sustainable business relationships, doing the right thing and delivering a quality product on time, the meets all of the customer's needs.
Defense R&D Canada
The people working at GlobVision are highly dedicated and show an excellent level of expertise and a service oriented mindset. We have at all times received a fantastic response and attention from the company management and we have been provided with excellent support, from everyone that has been involved, throughout our joint journey during the on-going implementation project for IntelliDAM.
Fortum Power division
IntelliDAM has helped us to increase the quality of our dam monitoring work. (...) Suggestions from us about changes or new functions to improve the application are well received and often planned to be included in the next version.
E.ON Vattenkraft Sverige AB
GlobVision quickly and efficiently adapted to (...) changes. The DVS-WRA software developed by GlobVision has vastly improved the reporting capabilities and quality of the data.
Ontario Power Generation
Globvision (...) submitted the most technically and economically advantageous tender.
Statkraft Sverige AB