Utilities & Infrastructure

Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring (iSHM)

The health monitoring of highly critical structures such as dams, bridges, oil platforms and other related structures is of extreme importance, not only for the companies responsible for operating and maintaining them, but for the public and the environment at large. GlobVision has tackled the problem of intelligent structural health monitoring (iSHM) using instrumentation/sensor data by partnering with major owners/operators across Canada and the globe, to help improve the safety and long-term reliability of these structures. Over almost two decades, we have developed and tested a wide range of methodologies for iSHM that are mostly data-driven and thus applicable to most instrumented structures. Wherever necessary, we have also customized our iSHM methods for each type of structure depending on its nature, the availability of data, operational constraints, and the short- and long-term behaviour and objectives of the structure.

GlobVision has mastered techniques to automate and add intelligence to structural health monitoring activities and reduce the time required to perform operational tasks. This allows for the better utilization of available skills to focus on more value-added activities and the decision-making process. GlobVision’s systems are also able to generate advance warnings of potentially critical situations that require maintenance actions immediately or in the near future (i.e. prognosis of structural health for their condition-based maintenance).

The real-life complexities of aging structures and the increased reliance on sensor data for their monitoring are among the most interesting challenges that GlobVision is working on. The methods and tools developed are particularly effective when dealing with bridges and dams but are equally applicable to tunnels, oil platforms and skyscrapers. When it comes to data-driven structural health monitoring, behaviour analysis and behaviour prediction of critical infrastructures, GlobVision is the partner of choice.

Utilities & Water Resources Management

GlobVision is providing solutions to multiple utilities to optimally manage their watersheds and improve the safety of their infrastructures.

Through the Data Validation System (DVS), our customers have a highly intuitive monitoring system for their hydro-meteorological data. The DVS is a viewing, monitoring and data validation tool that detects data anomalies or outliers and compensates for a lack of real data (i.e. missing values), thereby reducing the need for sometimes costly emergency maintenance in remote or harsh environments.

WRA, GlobVision’s Water Records Accounting system, is a module of the DVS that enables water management authorities to monitor, analyse and report on all aspects of their water management activities.

In addition to the DVS and WRA, our know-how in advanced data analytics and computational intelligence methodologies contributes to positioning GlobVision as the supplier-of-choice for cutting-edge solutions in utilities and water resources management.