DVS (Data Validation System) w/WRA (Water Records Accounting)

GlobVision’s “Data Quality Control Decision Support System” software package, DVS (Data Validation System) for short, is a multi-user, environmental monitoring, data validation and quality monitoring system for multi-dimensional and multi-factorial sensor databases.

Data mining concepts and machine learning methods have been implemented in the DVS to verify the validity of sensor readings, detect erroneous measurements and to estimate (or fill-in) missing or erroneous data. Using short-term prediction modeling, the user-friendly software provides estimated/predicted values for failed sensors and/or missing data values.

The design and architecture of the product is based on distributed, nonlinear computational intelligence models that can learn and improve themselves over time as more sensor data are acquired and adapt to the newly observed environmental and operational constraints.

The DVS also makes use of GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, allowing data to be displayed geographically so that it can be visualized and analyzed using maps and charts. The software includes functionality to correlate or overlay multiple types of data as different mapping layers onto a digitized map allowing the creation of a geographical model of the business/organization and its operations.

WRA (Water Records Accounting) is a module of the DVS that enables water management authorities to monitor, analyse and report on all aspects of their water management activities. A host of built-in calculations and analyses are performed automatically, allowing operators and engineers to visualize, analyze and validate the acquired data rapidly without the need to manipulate the data or manually perform calculations. For example, the WRA calculates parameters such as (but not limited to) storage quantities, turbine flows, spillway discharges, energy produces, generating efficiencies, reservoir losses, spill losses and total station discharges. Summary values required for both internal and regulatory reporting purposes are also readily available. Various alarms can be pre-configured according to user requirements.

In a nutshell, the DVS makes the most complete, accurate, and up to date information available to all users, keeping them informed about the past and current status of sensor operations.

DVS Composite