GlobVision designed and implemented Spacecraft Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis (SCHM & FD) algorithms to support ground-based spacecraft operations.

This work involved developing nominal (or healthy) and fault models for:

  • The sensors and actuators of spacecraft attitude control systems (including reaction wheels, sun sensor and star trackers); and
  • Spacecraft power subsystem and its components including battery and solar panels.

These algorithms achieved remarkable advancements in the early detection of incipient faults and out-of-spec behaviour for the spacecraft and enhanced fault localization and isolation capabilities. Using high-fidelity simulated data, we demonstrated that the SCHM & FD algorithms can accurately estimate fault severities (once a fault occurs) based solely on sensor data already available on-board the satellite (and also in satellite telemetry). Therefore, the SCHM & FD algorithms could be integrated both on-board (i.e. implemented on the flight computer) and/or installed on ground segment systems. Automated telemetry (or sensor data) analysis using advanced model-based and machine learning-based FD methods allows operators to significantly increase mission availability and operations reliability, and reduce risks and costs.