GlobVision designed and developed a fully automated mission planning system (MPS) software for the M3MSat mission to carry out the satellite’s daily operational planning and scheduling. M3MSat is a Nadir-pointing Earth-Observation microsatellite capable of receiving Automatic Identification System (AIS) transmissions from space to augment existing maritime surveillance capabilities. As opposed to NEOSSat that has a single payload, M3MSat is equipped with four payloads! This introduced additional complexity into the design of the M3MSat MPS in order to accommodate the different performance indices, constraints and specifications of each payload in the automatic planning and optimization of the mission schedule.

M3MSat MPS performs all of the orbital, power, memory and space weather calculations required to optimize the performance of the M3MSat mission whilst respecting mission and environmental constraints and maintaining the satellite’s operational safety. Finally, the M3MSat MPS generates a sequence of payload and spacecraft macro-commands corresponding to the automatically planned optimal mission schedule and sends it to the Mission Operations Center for final upload to spacecraft.