Hydrological / Meteorological Data Validation

GlobVision developed and implemented a system integrating database programming, data visualization, data mining and computational intelligence techniques to access, view, monitor and validate sensor readings, and to provide/suggest replacement values for missing data due to failed sensors, data acquisition system malfunctions, maintenance interruptions, etc.

The resulting Data Validation System (DVS) is presently in operational use at several Canadian and international hydro-electricity producers. The DVS is a world-class hydrological and meteorological monitoring and sensor validation solution that is marketed globally. For more information on the DVS, click here.

Accurate and timely data for water levels, precipitation, and flows are critical to safe watershed management and irrigation networks, and constitute an important input to assist hydro-electric utilities to optimize their operations and maximize their revenues. Hydrological data is also vital for climate modelling, enhancing agricultural activities and assessing the impact of floods on people and the environment.