Diagnosis, Prognosis & Health Monitoring of Aircraft Flight Control Systems

GlobVision is currently designing and developing model-based on-board fault diagnosis and health monitoring (DHM) and on-ground prognosis algorithms for aircraft flight control systems (FCS). As an initial step, we are developing the DPHM algorithms for the Spoiler Control System (SCS); however, the methods will be extended to other control surfaces as well.

The goal of the DHM algorithms is to use real-time data from SCS (and other FCS) sensors to continuously monitor the health of the SCS components (including actuators and sensors) and to detect and isolate faults that may occur in-flight.

The goal of the Prognosis algorithms is to analyze sensor data from one or more flights offline and to predict the future health and condition of the SCS components   and estimate their remaining useful life (RUL) and time to service. We are developing the DPHM algorithms for multi-functional spoilers and ground spoilers, and their electronic control unit (ECU).