Advanced Health Monitoring & Maintenance of Military Land Vehicles.

Date released: February 12, 2013

Sector: Space, Aerospace & Defence

The increasingly technical complexity of military land vehicles requires more intelligent and autonomous capabilities and functionalities for health monitoring and condition-based maintenance (HM & CBM) of the vehicle’s critical systems including engines and drive-trains. CBM systems offer significant advantages over conventional failure-based and time-based maintenance planning, which tend to increase equipment down-time, reduce system lifespan and increase maintenance costs, particularly for mission and safety critical systems.
The contract awarded recently will focus on the preliminary steps of CBM like signal processing and feature extraction of system data as well as health monitoring algorithms as the corner stone of CBM. Once completed, computationally intelligent and advanced mathematical models developed by GlobVision can also be employed for the prediction of fault evolution and estimating time to failure (TTF), so that maintenance procedures deliver the highest benefit at the lowest cost and system interruptions.