IntelliBRIDGE contract for the Champlain Bridge

Date released: August 17, 2015

Sector: Infrastructures & Utilities

GlobVision is pleased to announce that exp, on behalf of The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), has acquired IntelliBRIDGE, a unique and comprehensive data management, structural health monitoring, performance evaluation and safety analysis system for bridges. IntelliBRIDGE will be used to monitor the on-going health state of the Champlain Bridge.

Included in this procurement is the provision of a variety of services by GlobVision. These services include the secure hosting of the IntelliBRIDGE system providing 24/7 access to both exp and JCCBI; the customization of the system to provide specific client-required functionalities; and the periodic reporting of bridge performance and health state.

IntelliBRIDGE greatly simplifies accessing and storing data from multiple sources and in different formats, including bridge instrumentation or sensor data recorded by automatic data acquisition systems, and provides intuitive data visualization capabilities. IntelliBRIDGE is an essential tool for both real-time and off-line monitoring and provides the basis for ensuring the operational health and safety of bridges.

Critical information about bridge performance, health and safety is often hidden in multi-dimensional and highly correlated sensor data. In particular, slowly developing out-of-spec trends in bridge performance and health are often too subtle to be captured by experts’ eyes before those trends manifest themselves into more critical abnormalities.

IntelliBRIDGE incorporates many advanced data analytics tools including: lag time estimation, trend and correlation analysis, bridge deflection estimation and deformation analysis, load test data analysis, dynamic data analysis of the effect of regular or day-to-day traffic load on the bridge,  vibration or spectral analysis of bridge response, detection and monitoring of time trends in performance and health indicators of the bridge, and advanced mathematical modeling techniques. These tools can be used to extract information hidden in the instrumentation data by transforming it into objective and actionable information that is crucial for enhancing the safety and performance of operations, minimizing traffic interruptions, and enabling bridge operators and engineers to make more effective, reliable and informed decisions.

In a nutshell, GlobVision’s IntelliBRIDGE is an end-to-end software application that addresses all of the steps involved in the process of evaluating and monitoring bridge performance and health state; from data access, data management, data visualization and monitoring to data analysis and modeling, based exclusively on instrumentation data. IntelliBRIDGE assists users, from inspectors to bridge engineers and long-term planners, in their learning about the evolving relationship between various parameters within a bridge. This in turn enables them to better understand the bigger picture, and to manage bridges as engineering systems.