GlobVision will employ advanced Data Mining and Computational Intelligence technologies, as its core competencies, along with other proprietary technologies developed in-house, to reveal information about road surfaces and structures in Quebec to enhance their durability, safety and longevity.

Working under two separately awarded but related contracts from the Minister of Transport of Quebec, GlobVision will model, simulate, validate and predict roadway and bridge health conditions using unique mathematical algorithms and advanced data analysis methodologies.

The extreme weather conditions in the Province of Quebec play an important role in the overall evolution and performance of transportation structures, notably roadways and bridges. Evaluating their current health and, more importantly, predicting their future health is vital to the safety of the users of these infrastructures and to the overall responsible management of these public assets. Advanced mathematical modeling is the key enabling technology for these analyses, condition assessments, behavior modeling and future health predictions.

We are, of course, very pleased to have been awarded these contracts that continue to underpin our Utilities and Infrastructure business activities. They will certainly help to grow that aspect of our business and promise to have beneficial effects for the other areas of our business: Space & Aeronautics and Earth Observation & GIS.